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Why animals need humans…

Animals need human beings:

“Without reference for life mankind has no future!” (Albert Schweitzer)

Human beings and animals share a close relationship that has developed over thousands of years. Some animals seek human company; we call them anthropophilic or hemerophilic animals. This proximity primarily works for the animal, but in some cases humans can also benefit from it. One example is the wolf that had been following man, and whom man finally domesticated to hunt alongside with him. Apart from the sheer practical benefits, it is probably more the so-called biophily (love for life and everything living) of the civilized human being that made him tame animals. Gradually, animals housed by men took over various tasks (primarily nourishment but also guarding, accompanying, hunting, mousing, transporting and more). In an urban surrounding, the original usage of companion animals largely eclipsed previously favoured features that in some cases became unwanted or even annoying (e.g. a distinct hunting instinct), thus dogs and cats in the city are usually kept as mere pets.

By domesticating wild animals (from Latin, “domus,” literally, “housing“) a mutual relationship of dependency arose and man had to take responsibility for his no longer wild but now entrusted and sheltered housemate. The dog, a descendant of the wolf, is the oldest companion animal and has been documented for at least 30,000 years. African desert cats were domesticated as pet cats 9,000 years ago in the Middle East. They have gradually replaced ferrets (domesticated polecats) that until then were preferred in Europe for hunting rats and mice. Independently from the question of whether it is (house) animals meeting humans or the other way round, this close coexistence ideally provides a positive emotional experience on both sides (see also: “Why do humans need animals?”).

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that, for whatever reason, this responsibility can no longer be undertaken and animals become orphaned. We take care of strays and strive to give them a new home. Thus, another healthy relationship between a human being and his animal can begin.

In case you cannot care for your pet for a certain time because of vacation, hospitalization or any other inconvenience, we will be happy to liaise with our competent and reliable team of animal sitters.

Should you be interested in housing a new four-legged family member, please let us know – oftentimes a temporary nursing place is already of great help. To find out about the current canditates and our track record so far please visit our blog: “a new home for…”