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Usha Elizabeth Patel

Usha Elizabeth Patel DVM

Owner of Veterinary Practice Schwarzspanierhof and head of non profit association Tierwunderwerk

Special fields

Dermatology and internal medicine, animal assisted therapy

Curriculum vitae

1970 Born in San Francisco, California, USA (US and Austrian citizenship)
1977 – 1989 Primary and secondary school in Linz, Upper Austria
1989 – 1998 Studies of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna, Austria (DVM)
1990 – 1993 Research Assistant at Vienna Veterinary University (Institute of Anatomy)
1993 – 2000 Ongoing collaboration at Vet Practice Alsergrund (small animals), 1090 Vienna
1997 Internship at the institutes for internal medicine, small animals and surgery at the Veterinary University of Pretoria, South Africa
1998 – 2000 Training on TCM, Acupuncture und Neural Therapy at Vienna Veterinary University
2000 – 2005 Hospital Representative at Boots Hermal (dermatology), 1120 Vienna
2006 Veterinary Trainee at Vet Practice in Donauzentrum (small animals), 1220 Vienna
2005 – 2007 Animal-assisted therapy qualification training at Vienna Veterinary University
2007 – 2013 Veterinary Surgeon at Vet Practice Alsergrund, 1090 Vienna
Emergency service for Vet Clinic Neulinggasse (small animals), 1030 Vienna
2008 – pres Head of non-profit association “Tierwunderwerk”, Animal-assisted Therapist, Vienna
(e.g. Hans Radl School and Jugend am Werk)
2010 Lecturing e.g. at 5th International Symposium, Animals as Therapy: “Funding Models of Animal-Assisted Interventions”
2013 – 2015 Veterinary surgeon at Vet Clinic Neulinggasse (half-time and emergency services)
2013 – pres Veterinary surgeon for small animals (and horses) at Veterinary Practice Schwarzspanierhof
On occasion vacation coverage and emergency services at Vet Clinic Neulinggasse

Continuous medical education, in partucular in the field of dermatology

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