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Sunny (May 2017)

On Sunday February 12th close to midnight we received a call of a lady that her sister´s puppy has fallen down the stairs and obviously in strong pain. The dog is injured so severely that she cannot walk anymore.

When the patient (after several calls in between) finally came to the practice the x-ray confirmed a spiral fracture of of the radius. The owner was informed that this kind of injury requires asap surgery by a specialist. For the time being the dog received a painkiller and a bandage. The pet owners immediately pointed out that they had no financial resources and in general were overburdened with the animal.

Whilst trying to raise money through a animal shelter organization we sadly discovered that the dog had no papers at. The twelve weeks old she dog had neither been registered nor vaccinated and obviously purchased in the internet. For the sake of animal protection we finally decided to take over responsibility for the animal to cover all costs for all medical measures necessary. We applied daily bandages and after two days we had booked a specialist (on our own costs) to plate the leg.

When we informed the original owners about the successful surgery and the wellbeing of the dog we learned – much to our surprise – that they had already purchased another puppy. These are the shady sides of our profession which sometimes leave us speechless. The expenses had been significant in the meantime, however, the most important was that the nice tempered yellow puppy was doing fine and able to fully recover. A few weeks later the metal plate was removed, which was necessary since the dog was still growing and in the same operation she was spade.

We finally found a caring retired lady in the 18th district in Vienna who was willing to give the dog a new home. With respect to her cheerful character she was named “Sunny” …