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Milla (Aug. 2013)

Milla, a beautiful Greek kitten (white with parts in blueish grey), came to Austria through an animal friendly business lady who has a second house in Crete. Unfortunately there are lots of homeless cats and dogs in Greece and so we decided to take her to Vienna, to have her fixed in the practice and to look for a place to stay for her. We first found a family in the 4th district with a 10-year old daughter and a big appartment. However Milla was a very cautious little creature and wanted to relate with the mother of the family only. The father and the daughter could not really get through to her. That´s why we mutally agreed to have her back at Mrs. Patel´s home.

Over the time she became completely tame and tender (as you tell from the picture) and so we transfered her to another home in Lower Austria with a big garden late summer 2013. That seemed to be the perfect fit, both for Milla and her new owner.  Unfortunately, one day she did not come back from a nighty excursion. A thorough search was undertaken immediately (we posted pictures in the whole village) and in the beginning we were quite optimistic to find her since Milla was registered. However, nobody was able to give a hint and sadly she did not show up again until today. Thus her destiny remains unknown… It maybe consilatory that through Millas vanishing another homeless little cat (called Nischa) from animal shelter Baden has found a new home in Tribuswinkel.