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Josef und Leopoldine (Sept 2016)

Josef” and “Leopoldine” are two different kinds of European toroises (testudo hermanni and testudo marginata), 11 years each.

Their family of origin could only offer them a terrarium without the possibility for appropriate hibernation. In addition we do not recommend to hold a male tortoise together with only one female since the males can be quite aggressive. Therefore we suggest to either keep separate boys and girls groups or to hold at least two or three females together with a single male. After thorough consultation we decided to look for a new home for both of them.

Josef now lives in the Waldviertel on an organic farm in a nice open-air enclosure together with another male, who had been found in the wilderness some years ago.

Leopoldine is still with Usha Patel and will after the hibernation most likely move to a garden place in Mostviertel (Lower Austria) together with “Henriette”.

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