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Findus (Oct. 2012) und Felix (Apr. 2014)

Findus und Felix

Grey and white tomcat Findus (R), was found in front of a shop in the ninth district (at Währingerstrasse) having a slightly sore leg. An animal friendly person took the tame and curious cat to our practice. We knew about a family with a big apartment in the second district that had recently lost their own cat. It was love at first sight, in particular with the daughter of the family.


About one year later Felix (L) was brought to the practice. Somebody had found him – completely dirty – sitting under a car in the third district. After recovery, he turned out to be an extremely sweet ad cool black booted tomcat. You may already guess that he has become the companion of Findus. Today both are well off and healthy – much to the delight of their new family.