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Doggy Levi (Aug. 2011) and tomcat Vito (Nov. 2012)

One of our temps and her boyfriend have taken two orphaned animals:

Levi, a white Mexican hairless was sitting at a tramway station next to a sign „not needed any more! “. The little guy immediately caught her heart and has become a family member. A health check showed a kindney impairment for Levi, but being with a veterinary student he seems to have got exactly right.

A few month later a completely peaky exotic longhair, which was found straying in the 19th district, came to the practice. Since his coat was in a very bad condition, we needed to shave him completely. Our student is a fan of this breed of cats and did thus not hesitate to take care of him. In the meanwhile, Vito has become a beautiful grey tabby and is fully integrated in his new family.

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