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Bruno und Pauly (Oct 2016)

These two elderly gentlemen, “Bruno” and “Pauly”, (15+) have finally found a new home where they can spend their sunset years in a good way. Both tomcats are quite big and in good condition, Bruno is a dark and Pauli a light grey tabby. The lady who owned the cats has fallen ill and was no longer able to take care of them. However, she is covering all veterinary costs that may occur during this stage of life. Pauli has some renal impairment, which is not unusual in cats at that age and needs regular medication. We were looking for somebody who was seeking the company of animals – even if these will only be part of his life for a few remaining years!

An American Family was originally meant as temporary place, however the heart for animals of the family was too big and they decided to keep Bruno and Pauly. Whenever the family is travelling the team of Schwarzspanierhof is taking carte of the two cats. A huge apartment on two floors with terrace in the ninth district in Vienna seems to be the perfect place for the few remaining years of Bruno and Pauly. Many, many thanks!