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A whole bunch of rascals (Dec 2017)

A group of incredibly cute kittens came to the pratctice in September 2107 looking for a home. Holidaymakers came across them at a farm in Styria and secured them since the mother did not show up anymore and the farmer did not want the five kittens. Due to the attentiveness of a client of ours these little cats were secured and brought to Vet Practice Schwarzspanierhof. Supposingly they were born end of June/beginning of July 2017, which means that they were approximately nine or ten weeks old when thay came in our practice. All of them were medically checked and obtain their basic immunisation and treatment against worms. Once they had reached the age of twelve weeks they were handed over to new families. The kittens were three girls and two boys, grey tabby or black with different amounts of white and they have all found good caring homes in Vienna.