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„La vie + un chat, ce qui donne, je vous assure, une somme énorme | Life plus a cat, that, I can assure you, adds up to a king´s ransom …” (Rainer Maria Rilke, 1920 in Paris)

Whoever is interested in our stories or intending to obtain a new fourlegged friend is on the right website. We are continuously looking for homes and guest families and may at this point thank everybody who has already offered support! We set up this blog to find homes for animals but also to tell about their paths and to create a forum for their commemoration.

Our contribution towards human and animal encounters

Mankind has decided to take home animals many thousands years ago and has thus committed to care for them – to remember this today may be more important than ever (see also: “Why animals need humans…” and “Why humans need animals…” ).

Sometimes it happens that animals get lost, orphaned, can´t remain with their owners or have to be dispossessed from them. We inform and support people in keeping their animals appropriately and taking preventive measurements like animal registration (via chip) and behavioural trainings or saving windows and roof decks ect. (see also: “How do we work?” and “What makes the difference?” ).  The Vet Practice Schwarzspanierhof aims to help in this respect and seeks – wherever possible – new homes for animals in our surroundings.

Over the years, we developed a good sense of which animals may fit to which human beings. If such a liaison turns out not to be ideal, we will take the animal back and continue our search. All our animals are fixed, registered and vaccinated befor they leave the practice.

Currently we would like to introduce these animals and their fates to you:

Everybody who´s interest we have drawn now, is welcome to read more about (for both sides) fruitful new liaisons between human beings and animals that have evolved via assistance of Vet Practice Schwarzspanierhof.

What has been achieved so far

More than fifty animals have found new homes through our blog. For reasons of data protection we only mention names of animals and not those of people. However, if you are interested in following up with an animal formerly posted on this webpage you are welcome to contact us.

Here you will also find the stories of those stranded animals that have constantly moved into the home of Usha Patel and her husband: Lilo, Tiger and Dragon, Hunter, Finn, little Valentine , Tomcat James and our Miss Lany. Two Islandic geldings complete the animal family: Storkur and Lettir. However, who if not veterinarians should eventually take the responsibility to host animals.  Aside from all the joy that they are bringing..

The following companions have already found their new home:

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